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"Any fool can ask a question that no genius can answer"

(Based on 1666 G. Torriano Italian Proverbs 249 "One fool may ask more than seven wise men can answer." -

The field of urban planning and transport requires above all the understanding of and sensitivity to context. But while every problem and every solution is unique, there are some general truths and insights that can help to arrive at an appropriate answer. This section of the website is devoted to describing topics that have a wider relevance than an individual project can provide. 

Knowledge makes you the servant not the master (Alan Bennett)

Under the heading of "topics" are included: truisms, tenets, epithets, conundrums, and issues, as well as other items that don't fit easily elsewhere.

"An issue is a problem for which there is no permanent or indisputable best solution." (Tim Pharoah)

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