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"The Evolution of Town Centre Traffic Management"

Discusses the need to resolve conflicts in city centres between the "Three As": Access, Activities, and Amenity.

A Third Less Urban Traffic?

Paper to FoE 22nd February, and ICE North Wales 17th March 1993

Breaking the Habit of a Lifestyle: scenarios for less car use"

A discussion of ways in which people have become car dependent, and ways in which they can become less so.

Buses in Urban Developments: an overview

Conference to launch CIHT guidelines "Buses in Urban Developments"

Can Cycling Save the Suburbs?

The case for promoting cycling in suburban areas. Presented at "Velo Australis" international conference, Freemantle, October 1996

City-Region Planning in London: Towards a Sub-Regional Transport Framework

This paper reports on a research study on sub-regional development frameworks in London undertaken by Llewelyn-Davies for Transport for London.

Creating Convivial Urban Spaces

Aspects of what makes convivial streets and spaces. Examples of good and bad practice.

Creating public realm for all users

The presentation addresses the design of a new public square in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Creating quality streets: the Manual for Streets

Key points and recommendations from "Manual for Streets", 2007

Development in Public Transport Corridors

Advocates organising development with corridors that can be served efficiently by public transport.

How to Change Travel Patterns

PTRC "Transport Solutions for Air Quality Management", January 1997

Integrated Public Transport Corridors

This paper is concerned with the relationship between land use development and accessibility by public transport and non-motorised modes of travel. It reviews concepts and practice and offers conclusions on how future developments can be planned to encourage use of the non-car modes, and discourage use of the car.

Light Rail: is it worth paying for?

Paper to AET conference, 11th September 2000

Measuring Pedestrian Flow and "Presence"

"Measuring Pedestrian Flow and Presence" presentation to data workshop, Walk21 International Conference, The Hague, 16-19th November 2010

Missing Links to Town and City Centres

Describes the Government research project into the quality of links between arrival points and town and city centres, published in the report "Going to Town"

Money for Walking: Making the most of s106 agreements

Presentation to Living Streets conference, Guildhall, London, 6th December 2005

Monitoring Local Transport Plans

Traffic Reduction Act - monitoring the implications for local authorities. A paper to the Local Transport Today conference 26th October 1999

New Thinking About the Car: Alternatives to Individual Ownership

A report presented to TCPA conference in May 1987. It advocates car sharing and describes early schemes.

Places to Grow

Presentation to Places to Grow conference, November 2008

Planning and Monitoring Traffic Reduction Strategies

A paper to LTT conference "Better Use of Roadspace" 19th June 1998

Planning and Sustainable Access

A summary of (unpublished) Government sponsored research by Tim Pharoah and others relating to the integration of land use and transport

Planning for Buses in Urban Developments

Conference paper for CIHT Dublin, introducing the recently published "Buses in Urban Developments" guidelines authored by Tim Pharoah

Planning for Less parking - Implementing PPG13

Paper to Aston University Conference "Town planning and the new Local Transport Plans", 12th may 1999

Planning for Traffic Reduction

Paper to seminar at Edinburgh College of Art in 1992.

Reducing UK Oil Dependency: The Role of Public Transport

Talk to All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas (APPGOPO)

Services for a City Network on Traffic Limitation

Paper to conference on sustainable urban mobility, Amsterdam 1994

SOBETMA: Environmental Traffic Management and the South Birmingham Study

PTRC Summer Annual Meeting '93 international conference, entitled: "SBS and SOBETMA, Environmental Traffic Management and the South Birmingham Study", with Ken Huddart and Alan Wenban-Smith, Manchester, 16 September 1993

Speed Management, Road Safety and Traffic Calming: Contradictions in the Policy Framework

Conference paper to the International "Living and Moving in Cities" congress, Paris 1990

Streets for Life, or Death

Stuttgart - Technology and street safety

Tensions Between Bicycles and Public Transport

A paper to Velocity conference, Nottingham, September 1993

The Need for Urban Traffic Reduction

Paper to Friends of the Earth conference promoting the "Less Traffic Better Towns" book of 1992.

The Objectives and benefits of Traffic Calming

Paper to PTRC conference "Design and implementation of Traffic Calming Schemes" 1990

The Objectives and Benefits of Traffic Calming

Presents the objectives and benefits of traffic calming, with reference to experience in Continental Europe

The Revised PPG13

Commentary on the revised version of PPG13, 1999

Traffic and Environmental Management

Sets out the need for traffic reduction to create better urban environments

Traffic Calming in Britain - "Developing the Art"

Paper to UK National Traffic calming Conference, Cavendish Conference Centre, October 13th 1993

Traffic Calming: An East London Case Study

Traffic Calming and the East London Assessment Study (ELAS), PTRC Conference Paper, 1990

Traffic Calming: Principles and Progress

A short briefing paper to conferences held by the Association of Municipal Engineers (AME) in Devon, Durham, Lancashire and Leicester 1990-1992

Traffic Calming: Progress and Potential

Paper to PTRC Summer Annual Meeting, Brighton 1991

Traffic Calming: What is Happening in Continental Europe

Paper and Supplementary note on continental traffic calming practice, to PTRC conference May 1993

Traffic in Towns: 50 years of hard lessons 1963-2013

The impact of the Buchanan Report (Traffic in Towns) on transport planning and urban structure, including the building of high capacity urban roads and traffic segregation, and examples of where these destructive projects have been demolished or reduced in scale.

Traffic Reduction: The Planner's Role in Limiting Car Use

Paper to Town & Country planning Summer School, St Andrews University, September 1994

Traffic, Land Use and Parking

Paper to LEPU seminar on Less Traffic, More Jobs? 10th Feb 1999

Transport & Land Use Planning in London

Overview paper to Assoc London Borough Planning Officers seminar 1983

Transport Planning Professional Framework: an Academic's View

Paper to conference 1994 on the transport planning professional framework

Travelling with Less Cars

Argues the case for shared rather than individual car ownership

Twenty Years of Traffic Calming Guidelines

A presentation to mark the 20th anniversary of "Traffic Calming Guidelines, at Urban Design Group, London

Walking Around the World

An overview of attitudes to walking in different parts of the world

What Happens where Public Transport Meets Public Realm?

Paper to "Vision for London" transport symposium, 6th October 1994, London

Where Can We Walk To?

A paper examining urban structure and walkability

Whole Journey Planning - is Walking the Forgotten Part?

Presentation to Walk21 International Conference, The Hague, 16-19th November 2010