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Bus-Friendly Traffic Calming Techniques

Article examining whether traffic calming measures can be bus-friendly.

Car-Free City Centres

Article arguing the case for car-free city centres, including case studies

Cars: the mode of choice in the growth areas

A commentary on the continuing dominance of the car in the planning of urban growth areas.

Clearing Away Confused Thinking on Shared Space

Article about shared space solutions which attempts to clarify the arguments for and against..

Five tricks for highwaymen

How road planners by-passed the planning system to try to push through an unpopular road widening scheme at Millbank in the 1980s.

Focus on traffic calming in West Europe

"A review of traffic calming theory and practice in West Europe" in Planning Practice & Research, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1993

Landscape of highways

Essay on the landscaping of highways - Edinburgh School of Art/Heriot Watt University, 1968

Localism in transport planning?

A review of sustainable transport choices (STC) in a selection of third round Local Transport Plans

Neighbourhood Car Fleets: The key to rational car use

The case for cars based in neighbourhoods for shared access on a pay-as-you-drive basis

Reducing the Need to Travel: A new planning objective in the UK?

A commentary on the UK policy to reduce the need to travel through land use planning, as formalised in Planning Policy Guidance Note 13, Transport, published in March 1994.

Reinterpreting Private Open Space

Questions the suitability of historic and contemporary housing forms in terms of open space provision

Reversing the Rising Tide of Traffic

Article calling for traffic reduction

Review of White Paper "Transport Policy" 1977 and Nuffield Foundation paper "A Policy for Transport" 1977

Review of White Paper "Transport Policy", HMSO 1977, CMND 6836, and Nuffield Foundation "A Policy for Transport", being papers presented to a conference at Nuffield Lodge, 1977.

Shared cars: key to reducing traffic

Article in Town & Country Planning journal, 1987

Street Design and Transport - International Perspectives

Special edition of Urban Design Journal, Summer 2018, edited by Tim Pharoah

Streets Past and Future

in Urban Design Journal, Winter 2008

The Motor Car: Idol or Idle? A survey of redundancy in domestic car fleets

Article in Traffic Engineering & Control on the case for shared cars

The Role of Traffic Calming

Article based on a talk to the Transport Economists Group

Time for Universal Traffic Calming

This paper argues for lower speeds as a way of saving casualties and gaining street space for pedestrians and amenity.

Towards Sustainable Transport Policies

Traffic reduction, economic performance and land use issues and potential, with discussion notes.

Traffic Calming - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Article in Urban Design Journal Issue 83, Summer 2002

Traffic Calming Policy and Performance in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany

A review of traffic calming policy and performance in three countries: The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

Urban design versus traffic regulations

Describes tensions between traditional traffic practice and the creation of high quality streets, and argues for better understanding between the professions.

Walking in the City

Article for Network for a New Mobility Culture 2001

Why traffic management in town centres?

Using traffic management to resolve conflict between access, activities and amenity