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Nottingham sustainable urban extensions study

Nottingham sustainable urban extensions study

The aim was to identify appropriate locations for the planned growth of Nottingham. The study explored a range of criteria for suitability as well as identifying environmental, physical and other constraints. Tim Pharoah focused on accessibility issues, and in particular identified the best locations for growth in terms of the prospects for sustainable transport solutions.

From a transport perspective, locations were favoured which either already had good public transport connections, or were of sufficient scale to justify major investment in new services or infrastructure. It was assumed that any new development would be provided with a good range of local services to maximise the potential for local walking and cycling trips. The main deciding factor was therefore the quality of public transport links back to Nottingham city, and to other centres.

The method and results are described in the final report (see link to pdf on the right).

LocationNottingham England
Client(s)Nottingham Regeneration Limited
Team(s)Tim Pharoah as member of Llewelyn Davies Yeang team (later AECOM), plus Roger Tym & Ptnrs and Campbell Reith


Urban growth, sustainable urban extensions, accessibility planning, Nottingham, growth strategy, urban growth