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Lecture tour of Australia

Lecture tour of Australia

Having been nominated by Prof Peter Newman, I was awarded a visiting fellowship by the Australian Vice Chancellors Committee. This involved meetings with key people in the principal Australian cities to discuss their transport programmes and policies. I also had the opportunity to give lectures in several cities, including at VeloAustralis International Bicycle Conference in Freemantle, WA. The tour lasted 8 weeks during October-December 1996.

Presentations and meetings covered a range of topics including planning for pedestrians, cycling, traffic calming, traffic reduction, land and transport integration.

The tour involved visits to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. Also visited were Hong Kong on the outward journey, and Bangkok on the return trip.

The itinerary for the tour is shown to the right. Also, press coverage of Tim Pharoah's criticism of Sydney's urban road building proposals.

The banner picture shows the Sydney monorail (in 1996)

Date(s)October - December 1996
Client(s)Australian Vice Chancellors Committee


Walking, cycling, pedestrians, integrated transport, traffic reduction, land use planning, Australian planning, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane