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Chatham Waterfront Masterpan

Chatham Waterfront Masterpan

The preparation of a masterplan for the waterfront area of Chatham (Kent). The area had a great opportunity to reconnect the riverside area with the town centre. This arose with the decision by Medway Council to revert the ring road from one-way to two-way operation, and to demolish a flyover that cut across the High Street and fed fast-moving traffic past the main shopping mall of the town. This downgrading of the ring road would lead to more moderate traffic speeds and less severance, and opens the way for more direct access for regeneration projects on adjacent sites.

A new bus station

A further opportunity presented itself to remove the bus station from its dingy and cramped location under the shopping mall, and to bring bus stops to the street, where they are visible and more easily accessible. Various options were explored for the location of the new bus station. One was to occupy the space vacated aftyer the demolition of the ring road fly-over. Another was to use vacant land just off the ring-road, although that proved to be inadequate to accommodate demand.

The eventual agreed solution was on-street bus stands within a re-vamped green area adjacent to the riverside. This was expected to prove operationally a lot easier, and certainly more convenient for passengers and user-friendly. This scheme has been implemented. An unfortunate downside was the loss of some mature trees, but this was compensated by improvements to the riverside park.

LocationChatham England
Client(s)Medway Council
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn Davies Yeang


Chatham, waterfront regeneration, sustainable access, public transport planning, ring road, downgrading ring road, revert one-way system

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Artists impression after the demolition of the flyover
Ring Road flyover prior to demolition

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