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West London Tram, Economic and Development Potential

West London Tram, Economic and Development Potential

In 2002 London Borough of Ealing was minded to become joint development partner with Transport for London for the West London Tram. This project explored the potential of the tram project in order to build a robust business case for the scheme. Shortly afterwards, public objections to the scheme contributed to a change of political control at Ealing, and the incoming Council scrapped all involvement with it. The scheme itself then fell victim to cuts at Transport for London and was postponed indefinitely in August 2007.  

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LocationEaling England
Client(s)London Borough of Ealing.
Team(s)Tim Pharoah (project manager) and Martin Crookston (Llewelyn Davies Yeang)


Tram, light rail, Ealing, West London Tram, public transport planning, development potential, economic potential, public transport oriented development, PTOD