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Glengormly town centre development framework

Glengormly town centre development framework

Glengormley grew up as a roadside service centre on the A6 Antrim Road north of Belfast. Its role has been greatly diminished, both by the removal of much through traffic onto the parallel M2 motorway, and by the opening of out-of-centre major retail facilities. The issue is whether a viable role other than retail facilities can be generated. There are leisure and cultural facilities in Glengormley, but they are not in a compact arrangement. This means that they function as separate sites, not as parts of a cohesive centre, and are mostly dependent on car access.

LocationGlengormly Northern Ireland
Client(s)Department for Social Development, Northern Ireland
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Tribal Urban Studio


Town centre regeneration, development planning, integrated transport, accessibility planning, public transport planning, town centre revitalisation, Glengormly