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A walking strategy for London

A walking strategy for London

The research led to the production of London's first walking strategy. The report was entitled "Putting London Back on its Feet". It included a review of best practice in other European countries, and original work to identify objectives for improving walking conditions in London.

The various documents can be found in pdf format on the right.

The 5 Cs

Tim Pharoah devised the five criteria for judging the quality of walking networks, called the 5 Cs and since widely adopted as a framework for auditing procedures.

  1. Connected
  2. Convivial
  3. Conspicuous
  4. Comfortable
  5. Convenient

Key elements of walking activity

  1. Access mode (walk to destination)
  2. Access sub mode (walk to/from other modes)
  3. Circulation and exchange
  4. Recreation and leisure

Objectives of the walking strategy

  1. Increase walking in London
  2. Improve pedestrian safety and security
  3. Achieve convenient pedestrian access to key destinations
  4. Improve pedestrian facilities and the pedestrian environment
  5. Ensure new development is pedestrian-friendly
  6. Raise awareness about the role of walking
  7. Integrate walking into Borough plans and programmes
  8. Unlock financial and human resources
  9. Improve professional skills
  10. Monitor the achievements of the strategy

Elements of the strategy - a multi-layered approach

  • Setting standards for design and quality audits
  • Indentifying key walking routes (the "network" approach)
  • Identifying locations for improvement
  • Identifying destinations and auditing the quality of access by foot (the "walking catchment" approach)
  • Identifying local pedestrian priority areas
  • Improving the pedestrian environment by encouraging good urban design
  • Integrating effective law enforcement with initiatives to improve walking
  • Selecting and developing demonstration projects

Auditing - the walking inventory

  • Walking activity (movement and sojourn)
  • Casualties and road danger
  • Walking opportunity (how walkable is the place/area?)
  • Walking quality (the 5 Cs)

LocationLondon England
Client(s)London Planning Advisory Committee
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Keith Buchan (MTRU)


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